Why is SEO Important for your business? Here’s Four Aspects You Need To Be Aware Of

Four Aspects of SEO You Need To Consider For Your Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes it possible for a website to rank highly on search engines; thus, driving traffic and visitors to your website. Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing strategy that considers how search engines work, the type of information people search for, the specific keywords used in searches, how website navigation is laid out and much more. There isboth on-page and off-page SEO, and an array of strategies and tools to help your website rank. All of which, we here at Everblue Digital can help you with.

The importance of SEO in your overall digital marketing strategy cannot be emphasized enough. SEO, when implemented correctly, can drive traffic to your site for years, it helps you stand out as an authority in your field and of course, helps with sales and visitor numbers. There is an array of benefits in using SEO for your business and we are going to look at a snapshot of these and some areas you can improve on your site to help your SEO efforts.

1.  Improved User Experience 

Search engines have developed rapidly over the years. Now they do not only consider the content on a site but the user experience, the media used onsite and the interaction visitors have with your website. So, a better website not only benefits your visitors and customers but your SEO efforts also. On any website, customers look for a more positive experience.Good user experience on a website stems from how fast they get the information they need.

For a business, the fewer the clicks, the better the experience. It is worth noting that high-quality SEO efforts should reflect optimal user experience for any business, which in turn increases the frequency of customer visits. This is one aspect of on-page SEO. User experience can be assisted by a well-built site that loads fast, great content and easy navigation. When your customers are happy onsite, they are much more likely to return.

2.  Greater local Awareness

In today's world, more and more searches are conducted on mobile devices, this hasled local SEO to become a necessity for SMEs' success. Local search engine optimization refers to optimizing a business's online presence to get more business from local searches.

Local SEO focuses more on the visitors who are in your area and this is ideal for small SME’s who want to broadcast to the people closest to them. Local SEO is a much more focused approach, such as searching for mechanics in Dublin or an optician in Limerick.A greater awareness in your local area will increase visitors’ numbers both to your website and in store. Items such as social media pages, online review sites and paid advertising all help get your business more recognition.

In the past,people may have used the Yellow pages to find your business and now it isGoogle. Get in touch with our team at Everblue and see some of the ways that we have helped local businesses expand their customer reach.

3. Overall Growth of Your Business

SEO plays a big role in ensuring that your website remains more visible to clients and continues to make profits. There are many aspects of the business that you cannot control. Regardless of how big your business is, aspects such as the entry of new competitors and customer reactions to new product launches are beyond your control. 

However,when it comes to SEO, you have control over the visibility of your business to customers. SEO allows you to tap into new markets. Perhaps you ship globally but have no presence abroad, SEO allows you to develop relationships around the world without having to set up a brick and mortar store. It is long term advertising for a fraction of the cost of ads and other marketing strategies.

4.  Improved Profitability

Search engine optimization is beneficial to a business in terms of the amount of profit it yields. You can rank for a well-written piece for years and continue to get sales and bookings long after a traditional ad would have lost traction.If you have a blog or a well-visited site, you can make money through adverting placements and other revenue streams.

Investing in SEO, your business can market to the people already searching for your product or service. As an inbound strategy, you are simply providing to those already seeking what you have. Whereas other marketing strategies are outbound and require a lot more targeting and strategizing. 

This means that when the business advertises a product or service to customers, it will not be unceremoniously interrupting the customer. Customers will most likely appreciate that they can get helpful information about these products when they need it. Therefore, a business does not have to convince customers to buy its products; it just needs to offer the right product or service to the customer.By taking this approach, your business has already won half the battle before it even starts.

A few more ways you can improve your site:

·      Write more engaging content:

Createcontent that your readers will enjoy or learn from. The more informative and helpful the better the chances of it being shared online. Blog posts, newsletters and product launches are great ways to increase engagement and get new eyes onto your site.

·      Add some media:

Get creative, at Everblue we understand the importance of increasing interaction.Plain text on a webpage can be unattractive. Images and video are great ways to keep visitors on your site and allow for a more versatile approach. This, ofcourse, is not suitable for every business, but where possible it should be implemented.

·      Revamp your site:

It is never too late to change how your site looks and responds. Great web design can do wonders for your business. Old templates are slow and lagging and this can be penalized by search engines. Contact Everblue and we can work with you to create a bespoke website that shows off your brand and works the way both you and your customers will enjoy.


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