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We're a Dublin-based SEO Company that strategically partners with your business to grow its visibility online by outranking your competition.Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your webpages and their content, so it can be discovered easily by people searching terms which are relevant to your si

SEO Company Dublin

We are experts when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. It is the most cost effective ways to get your business out there in front of your potential customers. We can show you what people are searching for in your industry & how we capitalize on it to improve your rankings.

When it comes to SEO, you are pitted against your competition, and if you don't have a good SEO Strategy in place, they will trump you each time. It's a battle for traffic, and a battle for sales.

Competitor Intelligence

Have you ever wondered what your competition is doing? We have access to billions of keywords and datasets to help provide you with the scoop on your competition, and also develop a plan to help you get ahead.

Whether you're after their traffic volume, top products & pages or just the keywords they rank for, we can prepare a report for you.

Keyword Research

We mean business when it comes to our SEO Services. We have access to keyword search volumes, how difficult they are to rank for, where your business ranks for them, and more importantly, how we can help get your business to page one of the search results page.

Ongoing SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation is absolutely not a "once off" which is usually the outlook among businesses. Usual timelines for SEO results to kick in are 3 months to a year. SEO is a constant adjustment and improvement by monitoring current performance in the search engines, and then optimising for new keywords that crop up.

We monitor daily performance to ensure everything is going to plan and we adjust where necessary. You get monthly reports on performance, new trends, content ideas, and competitor performance reports as well as a team full of bright SEO Experts, all based in Dublin.

Our Three Pillars of SEO

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to well structured, fast, and descriptive content.

It directly relates to the search engine process known as crawling, where a search engine has bots crawl your site for content. It allows search engines to access your content efficiently.

Value of Content

The content that a search engine crawls must be of value to the end user, it must be relevant, well structured and it must answer the users question.

The prevalence of semantics within Google has allowed for a richer set of search results in recent times.

Domain Authority

How trustworthy is your site? A brand new website unknown to Google will rank much lower than a website that has been around for years.

Authority can be difficult to build up, but once the technical and content foundations are in place, authority will grow.

Looking to implement search engine optimisation for your business?

Here at Everblue, we know that the most important user other than a potential consumer, is actually the search engine itself, which helps other users discover your website. In turn, driving more traffic to your site and increasing sales. Let us take the lead on driving your search traffic through the roof.

Key Aspects of our SEO Services

We offer the most comprehensive SEO services in Dublin, we will not be beaten on price and we will not be beaten on effort. We will go to any length to ensure your success online.

  • Technical On & Off-Page SEO Adjustments
  • Sitemap Creation & Submission
  • Local SEO Pack
  • Keyword Research & Content Creation
  • Website Audit & Crawl Inspection
  • Authority Building
  • Link Building
  • SEO Reports Weekly/Monthly
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