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At Everblue Digital, we boast unmatched experience and insight into email marketing, compared to our competitors. From global online events to major fashion outlets, our team knows a thing or two on what grabs your subscribers attention.

We are GDPR compliant while gaining as much insight into data for a/b testing & segmentation as possible. According toROI studies, email marketing has an unrivalled return on investment.

Here's why.

Your brand’s customers and followers can be easily tracked as subscribers through email marketing.

As we create campaigns, we can further segment lists into opened and ignored emails whilst utilizing a/b testing for improved engagement analytics.

Funnels and email automation allow for further tracking along with your customer as they purchase your services and/or products through creating and tracking engaging content.

Here's how.

Various platforms we use allow us to track the rate of engagement within an email such as Adobe Analytics and MailChimp.


By segmenting your subscribers, your business can gain information on their interests, dramatically improving both engagement rates user experience.

Funnels are an excellent way in gaining insights into your subscribers for segmentation through lead nurturing.

High Value Content Offers

By pushing and engaging your email list through your email funnel using HVCO’s (high value content offers) such as webinars, e-books, cheat sheets will leave you with a handful of subscribers who have been engaged at every touchpoint and have interacted with the most emails you send out.

These subscribers who offer the most impressions through your funnels are more likely to seek your services and purchase your products since they see value in what you offer.

Engaging content

Through segmentation, email lists can divide subscribers into interests and preferences. This results in improved engagement rates, as email marketers can gain information from subscribers.

This can allows for much higher conversion rates as a business is only targeting those who already shown an interest in your brand. Newsletters are a great way of keeping your most loyal subscribers connected and engaged with your brand while allowing you to promote any upcoming services or products you may offer that month/week.

By using UX design, we create emails most likely to be read and engaged with, increasing chances of sales and email subscriber growth.

Email Automation

As Shopify Partners, Everblue Digital will transition from brick and mortar to selling online while creating these email automations according to you and your target market’s requests and permissions.

By using suggestive call to actions and direct links to your website’s checkout, email marketing can transform your online business sales. This can alternatively be used to highlights an empty cart or unbought item a customer had shown interest in.

Everblue Digital can fully automate your emails with clients who have suggested an interest in your products.A subtle product reminder, coupon code or sale announcement are some of what Everblue Digital’s email services can create for your business in boosting your sales.

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Key Aspects of our Email Marketing Services

We offer the most comprehensive email marketing services in Dublin, we will not be beaten on price and we will not be beaten on effort.

  • Email Sequence Strategies
  • Abandoned Cart Sequencing
  • Chat Marketing Integration
  • Newsletter Creation
  • Email List Building
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