Pauls Eden Foundation

Everblue Digital was contact to support a charity in need based out of Uganda & we jumped at the opportunity!


Everblue Digital were asked to join an international team in creating an online presence for Paul’s Eden Foundation, a Ugandan charity feeding and assisting poor children and families on the ground in Jinja.In doing so, a website was needed as a home base for both telling their story accepting donations for the cause. The social media required a strategy to grow it’s visibility with links and resources being led back to the website.


Everblue Digital created a website that narrated Paul’s Eden foundation, what they do and how you can help with a collection of visuals of the foundation in Jinja.The website required an online store for the sales of masks. Everblue Digital created an online store with the incorporation of Stripe to accept secure payment’s.The masks, made in Uganda by members close to the foundation, are sold with 100% of the proceeds towardsthe charity. It was vital that the funds for the charity were clearly laid out to encourage confidence in donations. Through interactive pie charts and research on similar non-profits, Everblue Digital created a page where the fundamental needs of the children and the expenses of the foundation were transparent through a section called “Where Your Contribution Goes”.Branding:A new logo was created with brand guidelines and colours to create a consistent brand across all platforms. This was imperative due to the nature of the organisation and to encourage a community aspect from supporters. Although Paul’s Eden Foundation is a certified charity in Uganda, it was necessary to provoketrust due to the many scam organisations that also seek funds from the public. Social Media:With consent, videos of the children eating and dancing to both their native music and popular international music was shared throughout the Instagram with the help of Everblue Digital’s social media strategies and roll out. This created exposure to the charities motives and need of resources while building trust among their followers. The videos were shared on Instagram’s reel’s discovery channel, further creating a visibility to their cause. We encouraged stories to further create an interactive presence on the Instagram page and encouraged consistent posting at optimal peak times for engagement purposes.


Everblue Digital and the international team behind Paul’s Eden Foundation were delighted with the outcome of the new website. The mission of the charity is clearly represented through: Human Rights, Equity of Opportunity, Transparency & Accountability and Ethical Responsibility. The website creates an important narrative in telling the story behind the foundation while bringing exposure to the children in need and the workers on the ground in Jinja. Due to Covid-19, supplies were further in demand with diseases such as malaria remaining a threat to the lives of the children and their families. Therefore, it was imperative that the website was rolled out and live on an ASAP basis so as to begin accepting donations. The website now accepts online payments internationally and securely through STRIPE. The online shop now allows for the masks to be presented and sold, further improving the chances of funds towards this charity. The branding of the foundation led to t-shirts being made for the children allowing a sense of pride and community to be a part of an organisation who cares so deeply about them and their future. The consistent posting and rollout of our strategy on the Instagram can be recognized today through a team effort. From people sharing pictures on the ground to the foundation’s team and sponsor, Ubuntu Nutrition also working every day on furthering exposure and visibility online. We are extremely proud to be sponsors of this incredible organisation and encourage you to donate towards this important cause too.

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