The Importance of Web Analytics

Web Analytics play a key role in a digital marketing strategy.

An efficient marketing strategy goes beyond simple content creation. It is a combination of strategies, timing and using the right tools. Marketing companies employ different tools according to their client’s needs. A tracking tool is a component in digital marketing plans to measure the company’s return on investments. These tools allow businesses to track their marketing efforts and what campaigns are working for their business.

Without these tools its near impossible to gauge how your money, time and resources are working for you. One of the most important tools is Google Analytics, as it is by Google for Google it is one of the most used tracking tools in the world, though there are many more which tracks and analyze different data.

Why use an analytics tool?

Companies want to see the ROI of their investments, be it in-house or through an outside agency like Everblue Digital. Analytics tools allow you to do this. Analytics allow you to see how individuals are reaching your site, the content that they are interested in and your outside marketing efforts such as SEO and paid advertising.

Analytic tools help businesses make informed decisions. If certain strategies are working then they can be enhanced, perhaps some pages are viewed more than others, or a specific type of content appeals to your website visitors. By knowing and understanding this data it is possible for marketing agencies and businesses to increase visitor and customer numbers to your site and business.

A look at Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a dynamic platform for analyzing the performance of online content. It is a free tool to use. GA is the world’s most widely used tool as Google is the most widely used search engine. Though there are plenty of other analytics tools, many which are paid platforms, GA is ideal for almost all business needs. You can discuss with your marketing teams about the benefits of other tools, but for small and medium sized businesses GA is ideal.

Google analytics can tell among other things:

· the number of people visiting sites

· The channels used to reach a site

· The number of visitors over a given period

· Dead links

· Links directing to a site

· content that is driving traffic

· Ranking Keywords

An All-in-One Tool?

The web analytics tool by Google incorporates various components in tracking the performance of websites and mobile app. Its functionality can offer more than what is on offer with other paid SEO tools. The tools can analyze rankings in search engines as well as traffic on websites. A dashboard displays the findings, and it is easy to determine the conversion rate of online users.

When choosing the best SEO strategy, the conversion optimization tools come in handy. Management can make an informed decision on customer needs using the data collected. The Google-based service will make data come live with surveys, polls, forms, and live chats.

The issues with Google Analytics

New users can find it challenging to use the Google analytics platform. The service operates with minimal human to human interaction. Additionally, most of the support tools and services are automated. Hence, keeping up with the changes can be tasking due to limited user support.

That is why it is recommended to outsource some or all your marketing needs. A large swathe of the data produced by GA is difficult to translate or is useless to what your business is trying to do. By employing marketers who specialize in campaigns, data analysis and paid advertising, you will have experts on your side who can explain the data that is displayed.

Is Google Analytics a Good SEO Tool?

Google Analytics is an essential tool in your digital marketing strategy. It’s a good thing that other SEO tools can work in tandem with the Google platform to cover inefficiencies. Hence, giving website users an enhanced experience that can convert mere traffic into loyal consumers.

Whether you prefer GA or another tool it is always good to have GA attached to your website. There may be indicators on GA that you cannot find on another tool and as it is free it does not cost you anything to have it installed.

Any reputable online marketer will have GA, or another analytics tool installed to track their efforts. If you are employing an outside party to undertake your marketing efforts, it is essential that they provide you with access to any and all analytics tools. This allows you to see the results of their efforts, where money is being spent and areas that can be improved upon in your marketing campaigns. Solid SEO combined with great content and ad spend will show changes in your GA and as a tool it is great way to see your efforts take form.

Other Analytic tools:

· Kissmetrics:

Kissmetrics is another popular analytics tool. This tool allows you to track visitor movements throughout your site. You can also see behavior changes, identify patterns and the most recent refers to your site. analytics tool that allows clients to track the movements of individual visitors throughout their websites.

You can see how behaviors change over time, identify patterns, and see the most typical and recent referrers, among other stats.

· Spring metrics:

Spring Metrics allows you to track visitors from the time of landing to the time of leaving. This is far greater insights that GA allows, and this allows marketers to focus in on content that is working and change that which isn’t. Other features include keyword analysis, landing-page analysis and top converting sources.

· Angelfish Actual Metrics:

One of Angelfishes main draws is the possibility to track the activity of users on external web-based platforms. This is great for businesses with numerous sites, application, and games. If you are promoting these through your site or through some other means it will make it possible to track user activity from start to finish.

· Clicky:

Clicky is one of the most popular analytics tools following GA. Clicky offers a variety of statistics which take a little getting used to, but their real-time updates make this process a lot easier. One of the primary features is a link report which shows you exactly which sites and pages are directing towards yours. This allows you to see quality links and disavow those form unsavory sites.

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