Five Benefits of Hiring a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Outlining the key benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing.

We’ve heard the horror stories, the shady retainers, the lack of results and the nightmare contracts. Hiring a full service digital agency can be intimidating. It’s no secret that we’re a dime a dozen these days.

However, hiring a professional full service digital marketing agency can pose some really key benefits that are both cost effective and will drive considerable growth to your business. To kick them off;

1. You get instant access to in-depth marketing knowledge & know how.

We’re in this business for a reason. We’re passionate about marketing, entrepreneurship and just how beneficial technology can be for a business. We’ve done our research, our studies, and we’ve put it into practice.

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you get ready-made, out of the box expertise. Any question you ask we will probably know the answer before you even finish asking that said question!

We enjoy what we do, and we enjoy seeing a strategy generating positive results for your business.

2. You get access to technologies you would otherwise have to skill up on to fully understand.

As a business owner, you’re busy - running your business. Finding the time to skill up on the endless digital marketing tools and theories, or undertaking tasks such as link building, is all but impossible when you already have enough to do.

We use a variety of different tools here at Everblue Digital to take that weight off your shoulders. Tools such as,,, Google Search Console etc, allows us to deduce various datasets down to the point where we can create an actionable digital strategy for your business. Datasets such as on-page SEO opportunities, breakout trends in keywords, long tail keyword ideas for content to get ahead of your competition, keywords where you should be getting traffic, but you are not, and website performance drains. We do the research, and we implement the strategies based on industry best practices.

Strategies such as our  pay-per-click digital marketing funnels. We use advanced retargeting methods using multi-channel tracking systems to stage custom creatives with the sole purpose of increasing conversion rates.

Yep, lots of jargon there - essentially, we target people who have clicked on your ad, on Google, or they’ve simply stumbled across your website and filled out a lead form. We then target those users with display an ad on Facebook or across the Google Advertising Network with a different creative & copy. The effect that this has, is that It pushes your potential customers further into the sales funnel. It is a psychological effect as they will recall either filling out that lead form or they will remember your site.

By the time they have already passed through your multiple ads and creatives, you know they are 100% ready to buy.

Once you have a high performing ad strategy, we can then create what’s known as a lookalike audience, which is a Facebook generated, custom audience that has similar characteristics, demographics and behaviours to those customers who have converted through your paid ad strategy.

In simple English, your ad will be displayed to customers who are similar to customers that have purchased your products or services.

3. You have greater control of your marketing costs

Gone are the days of overspent advertising budgets and lack of results. We closely monitor our advertising campaigns, and if we are not seeing results as expected, we change it up. We change the creative, the CTA, the time of day it may appear in front of a user, and maybe even the target audience. If the results aren’t coming in as expected, there is an inefficiency blockage somewhere in the pipe.

To put that in perspective, some interesting research from the Digital Marketing Institute highlighted just how prevalent a digital skills gap is within the US, UK & Irish workforces.

Even those in digital marketing roles struggle to keep up with the ever changing online landscape. Almost 60% of the Irish workforce admitted that their firm is involved in digital marketing but they feel they are not fully competent at it. Moreover, a stat that is more concerning is that only 25% of Irish companies provide ongoing digital marketing training!*. Just picture the inefficiency of an in-house marketing team that is not up to date on the current landscape, washing away your advertising budget.

Usually before you contract with a full service marketing agency like Everblue Digital, they will already know what’s working and what isn’t in your industry, as that prior research is done before you even get your proposal. The reason we do this research is so that once you give us the green light, we are ready to get cracking.

Personally, I get quite excited when we take a new project on-board, it provides such great job satisfaction to take on a company at first, and then 3-6 months down the line we can see just how far they have come, and the impact that we have had.

So, how cost effective is it to take on a full service marketing agency?

Think of the cost of hiring, training and retaining a full in-house marketing team. Salaries are not cheap! For the price of one marketing executive’s annual salary, you could get an expert team or fully trained, passionate marketers, depending on the size of your company. Let that thought simmer.

If you know for a fact that hiring a digital marketing agency will cost €5,000 per month, every month, you have that peace of mind that your marketing is being well taken care of. You will have momentum from the get-go.

4. You acquire a long term, strategic business partner.

Though we do offer, 3, 6 and 12 month rolling plans, digital marketing is technically a long term game. We’re not just digital marketing either. We understand how a business operates, how it runs and how it needs to be nurtured and grown. Who wouldn’t want to cut costs while driving revenue from online channels?

With the dawn of the dynamic, online business environment in the last twenty years, consumers will always Google before hiring a company for any type of service, or before they purchase any type of product. We want you to know how your potential customers are searching for companies, just like you. And we want to drive them, yes, to you. And we want you to satisfy their search intent. If a user searches for yoga pants, give them yoga pants. Not yoga pants.

In recent years, the consumer has also become more tech savvy, they now use Google to check reviews, competitors, pricing, they evaluate subconscious pros and cons of your firm, whether their need will be satisfied.

A real life example now, I purchased from a company that offered faster shipping times for a laptop, that was ultimately the decider between two companies! It boils down to how well you satisfy a users query or search intent is.

If your business has little to no visibility online, your competitors will almost always beat you to that acquiring that customer. People searching for a lawyer in the local area, people who never needed a lawyer before, and weren’t sure who to go with, will be able to see your business, near them! Local SEO strives to provide convenience to the user.

If you are not online, you truly are missing out on that vital share of your market. You are, in theory, invisible.

This analogy can of course be loosened if a business has a strong offline presence, firms that are driven by word of mouth, brick & mortar sales & referral marketing are prime examples. It always good business to have that additional lead stream flowing into your business from Google - as new customers will probably Google you to get your info anyway.

Partnering with a full service digital agency like Everblue that can cover all grounds will be of great use for you to lean on. We have a genuine drive to help and we take great pride in that.

5. You get to stay ahead of the curve.

Running a business and managing everything will cause you to burnout very fast, Marketing is always changing, and so is Google. We stay on top of the latest Google algorithm updates to ensure that we keep your website in Google’s favour when it comes to ranking time.

For example, Local SEO in recent times has become a massive paradigm shift in user’s search habits. Local SEO refers to people searching for products or services in their area, near them, within a certain radius. Local SEO is efficiently achieved by getting listed on a variety of your local business directories and also claiming your Google My Business page.

Consumer perception and purchase habits are always changing too.

Pro tip: We find that retargeted video ads almost always have the best conversion rates out of any other advertising creative.


Digital Marketing as a whole needs to work in harmony. When you have a website with excellent, valuable content that gets a lot of traffic and inbound backlinks, naturally, that site will rank highly on Google. A high ranking site will also, naturally, get a higher click through rate. Why is this? Users rarely ever need to go to the following pages to find an answer to their question. If you’re not on the first page of Google it’s usually because you are being outperformed by your competitors.

This is one of the final reasons we will leave you with when it comes to hiring a full service digital marketing agency. We know exactly what your competitors are doing, how often they post content, where they get their backlinks, what keywords they get the most traffic from, and most importantly, what they are not doing to get traffic.

This makes way for a golden opportunity for you to get ahead of the game.

Why wait? Get in touch with us today to see just how beneficial a strategic partnership with our full service digital marketing agency could be.

We offer a variety of services that fall under the digital marketing umbrella in multiple packages to suit your business and your goals.

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