CRM Integration

What is a CRM?

A CRM is customer relationship management system. It allows you to track and store customer and lead data along with all correspondence for each particular individual.

With the rise of email logging & tracking, finding someones details is easier than ever.

Lead Tracking

Integrating a CRM is absolutely vital when relying on any form of lead generation. Even in terms of running a business, data is currency, and agile management of lead flow is essential to closing those leads.

There an abundance of CRM Tools out there in the ecosystem, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, Agiled, but we always stand by Hubspot.

Data Management

Ensuring clean, well rounded data management is essential. Being able to track your lead flow will not only help you understand the steps in your your sales funnel, but it will also help you understand where your leads drop out.

Looking to implement a CRM Integraton into your business?

At Everblue, we are ready to assist you in integrating a CRM into your business to show you the impact it can have. Each new site we build comes with a CRM integrated.

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