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Chat Marketing & Automation can be defined as a multi-channel approach to connect with a customer. Business to customer chat has the highest engagement rate out of all other mediums of marketing, with an engagement rate of at least 80%.

Considering the average open rate for emails is 30-40%, and the conversion rate much lower, chat marketing is taking the industry by storm.

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We're an accredited ManyChat Agency Partner & we configure and develop chatbots using only ManyChat, it is the most technically advanced software for chatbots on the market.

It also integrates with Shopify, allowing you to create certain flows and automations around abandoned carts, fulfilled orders, discounts for top spenders etc.

Designed with the customer in mind.

The trick to a good chatbot is to try make it human, but not too human. By integrating external AI technology, we can automate the monotonous conversations and the repeated questions that get asked.

Leaving the repetitive tasks to your chatbot, while also maintaining full control, gives you more time to focus on other things!

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